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We here at Sunrise – The best Physiotherapy in Kota will help you take those little steps by making you go through a detailed examination conducted by our Certified Healthcare Professionals. This guides us to the assessment of leading the best treatment. A programme tailored to your needs, here right in your own city- Kota. Sunrise being the chief healthcare service provider we provide physiotherapy with a holistic approach to healthcare lead by practitioners dedicated to working with people to maximize their ability to move and function throughout their life.

Sunrise is different from the other physio clinics, which is what makes us the best. We do not use the technical and passive treatments which minimize the client’s active role in their own recovery. We’ll not just relieve you from your pain but also enhance the functioning of your body and also up a skill you on how to prevent future injuries. So to execute this plan, as Sunrise owners we decided to introduce a new way of physiotherapy- wherein we require the clients to be actively involved with his/her own recovery. Thus making it our and our client’s objectives together which gather to make the base of the physiotherapy intense and powerful. Sunrise physiotherapy brings to Kota like no other clinic in the city provides a modern breakthrough with the traditional physiotherapy and re-building you as a person and your health which is your real wealth.

Why People Choose Us?

The Sunrise Physiotherapy Centre is ready to help patients’ physical health through meticulous examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physiotherapy.

The staff and personnel are well-equipped to assist you to handle the stress caused to your physical health, because of modern lifestyles and reduce the chance of various disorders and chronic pain.

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